8 May 2017

Want to learn how to build web apps?

Don’t understand this code? After our JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp you will. And not only understand, but also to write your own. We’ve spent a lot of time preparing for this program and making sure that it is best adapted for the beginners. Now it’s about to start. Book you seat on a fast track to web development world. That’s all. Thanks. Happy coding!

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  1. PrinceAbdil

    Hi am a high school graduate from Ghana and I want to study programming at BCS please what are my requirements to study in your institution. Thank you.

    1. Hi Prince Abdil, thanks for your comment.

      As the bootcamp is designed for the beginners, you might be te level zero to start. But, there is a precourse which will require some of your time to study before coming to the bootcamp itself. This precourse cover HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and some JavaScript basics. We require all of the future students to finish it to be sure that we can start all from the certain point and students understand some general concepts.

      You can do the precourse at home on your own or join other students on our campus the week before the course starts.

      If you’d like to schedule a Skype talk, please feel free to pick the best time here: https://calendly.com/barcelonacodeschool/

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