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  • Overview

    Online JavaScript Bootcamp in Barcelona Code School
  • Fully immersive online experience

    HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node.js, MongoDB, React.js, Meteor.js

    The course is taught in English

    Learn the same track we teach at the in-person JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp from the comfort of your home

    Live streaming, continuous support and 1:1 sessions

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mon8jan - 9marAll DayJAVASCRIPT FULL-STACK ONLINE BOOTCAMP / January 2018BECOME A JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPER IN 9 WEEKS(All Day) Event Type :Bootstrap,CSS,Express,Git,GitHub,HTML5,JavaScript,jQuery,Meteor.js,Mobile apps,Node.js,React.jsEvent Type 2:2 or more days,All day,Bootcamp,JavaScript Full-Stack Online Bootcamp,Part-time


mon19mar - 18mayAll DayJAVASCRIPT FULL-STACK ONLINE BOOTCAMP / March 2018BECOME A JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPER IN 9 WEEKS(All Day) Event Type :Bootstrap,CSS,Express,Git,GitHub,HTML5,JavaScript,jQuery,Meteor.js,Mobile apps,Node.js,React.jsEvent Type 2:2 or more days,All day,Bootcamp,JavaScript Full-Stack Online Bootcamp,Part-time


mon28may - 27julAll DayJAVASCRIPT FULL-STACK ONLINE BOOTCAMP / May 2018BECOME A JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPER IN 9 WEEKS(All Day) Event Type :Bootstrap,CSS,Express,Git,GitHub,HTML5,JavaScript,jQuery,Meteor.js,Mobile apps,Node.js,React.jsEvent Type 2:2 or more days,All day,Bootcamp,JavaScript Full-Stack Online Bootcamp,Part-time

  • What you will learn

    • How to build fast, modern, dynamic and responsive websites
    • Best web development and UI/UX practices
    • Programming with JavaScript for front-end, back-end and mobile!
    • React framework, used by Facebook and Instagram!
    • Storing you data in MongoDB
    • Using external APIs
    • Manipulating DOM with jQuery
    • Version control with Git and GitHub
    • Deployment of your apps for web and mobile (iOS + Android)
    • Team and pair programming, programming logic, algorithmic approach
  • Tuition cost

  • 1900€

  • How does it work?

    • Join us everyday in the morning for the live streamed lectures
    • After that receive daily materials and exercises
    • After launch join for the questions and answers session live
    • Schedule weekly 1:1 sessions with your tutor
    • Stay connected through Slack with tutors and entire class
    • Have unlimited access to the recorded lectures and course materials
  • Wondering about day-to-day workflow?

  • 10:00AM
    Live streaming lecture introducing a new topic: A lecture covering part of the curriculum from the BCS instructor with live coding sessions and interaction with students to keep you engaged.
    Exercises, practicing a new concept and working on the projects.
    Live questions and answers with your group and tutors.
  • Why do you need this?

    • To find a job as a web developer and start earning big
    • Jump-start or improve your freelancing career
    • Build your own web apps
    • Build your own mobile apps
  • How is it even possible?

    • First you need a desire to become a developer
    • Then you select the starting date which suites you best
    • You sign up through our website
    • When course starts and we do the teaching part
    • Magically you see that you start understanding code
    • You work hard during the course
    • You graduate and we help you find a job!
    • You enjoy and feel empowered!
    Talk to our expert
  • But I don’t know anything about coding…

  • We prepared curriculum specifically for students with no prior experience. Our instructors are not just amazing developers, but also awesome mentors who know how to teach. With small groups and best students/teachers ratio you will have a personalized approach with lots of 1:1 sessions.

    All you need to have is a laptop and strong desire to become a developer. The rest is our job

  • I really liked the course because of the individually adjusted pace. I did not feel stupid asking questions and making mistakes and I really feel that I learned a lot.”

    — Kai Niehues

  • What if I know some coding already?

    • Awesome! For you we have mind-bending challenges and more complex concepts to strengthen and improve further your skills!
    • We are extremely eager to have the most demanding students in the world.
  • Why Barcelona Code School?

    • Market-ready curriculum tailored to job market and companies’ needs
    • Best students/mentors ratio
    • Instructors, who know how to teach
    • Job offers for the students constantly coming from tech companies
    • Guaranteed internship in a developer’s role
    • Fast track from beginner to job-ready coder
    • Life-time career support
    • Real hiring partners
    • Premium location – new cozy office with a terrace in the downtown of Barcelona away from the touristic crowds
  • Why JavaScript?

    • By learning one language you can build apps for web and mobile! Yes, same language!
    • You can use it both for back-end (server) and front-end (browser), hence isomorphic!
    • Asynchronous! Process multiple requests simultaneously!
    • JavaScript is the most popular language in the world because you can do anything with it!
    • It is infinitely cool!
  • Job placement

    • Absolutely!
    • Receive job offers from our hiring partners
    • Do internship with local tech companies or even with us
    • Huge demand all other the world for JavaScript devs will land you a job easily
  • Hiring partners

  • Metro AG, otherwise known as Metro Group, is a German global diversified retail and wholesale/cash and carry group based in Düsseldorf. It was established in 1964 and as of 2010, it was the fourth-largest retailer in the world measured by revenues (after Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Tesco).

    Thanks to a partnership with Berlin office of Metro AG we can offer internship of 4-8 weeks for the graduates and option to get hired after that.

    With Metro AG you might expect such amazing things as access to one of the best learning platforms and in-house training, talent rotation program, working with latest technologies in agile development process.

  • Page Personnel is on of the largest recruitment companies in the world and thanks to our partnership with Barcelona office we can provide job placement for the best graduates.

    There is a vast need for the developers in Barcelona coming from the local and international companies, operating in Spain. Together with Page Personnel we will help you to prepare a CV, conduct mock interviews during the bootcamp and finally get exposed to the hiring companies in Barcelona for your first web developer job.

  • We are a digital company based in Lisbon, with a young multidisciplinary team. We are growing and lead several top brand projects in Portugal and Spain.

    We work in the digital, programming and web design areas. Our team also includes designers and communication specialists. We have a close working partnership with a group of companies that bring us diverse opportunities.

  • FAQ

  • What is the language of this course?English.
    Do I have to speak Spanish?For the course you do not need Spanish. Everybody at our school speak English. To feel comfortable in Barcelona Spanish would help but nowadays in most of the places local people do speak English.
    Who is this course for?Beginners. If you don’t know how to code – this course is for you. If you know what Terminal is – even better. If you can explain difference between div and span or know what function is you will be doing just fine.
    What if I already know how to code?Amazing! For students who advance faster or have some prior experience we have more challenging track with hardcore exercises and job opportunities upon graduation.
    What qualification I will get from this course?If completed successfully you will become a junior full-stack developer. Meaning you will know how to build web apps and be able to apply for the entry developer’s position.
    How good would a typical graduate be after completing the course?You will learn the skills to begin as a junior full-stack developer, will know how to build full functional web apps and have a solid foundation to improve your expertise.
    Why your course is 9 weeks?It used to be 8 weeks actually 🙂 But to make sure that students do the prep work and get the best from us during the course we’ve included a prep week into the bootcamp! With smaller groups we have and student driven approach we cover all the material in this time. After testing our curriculum we have proven results that 9 weeks is the best length to make this dynamic, comprehensive and not overstretched so that students stay focused without getting exhausted by endless studies.
    Is there a pre-course?Yes. We send you materials to study and when conduct a prep week on campus! Double win!

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