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Game Development Bootcamp in Barcelona Code School

Game Development in-person Bootcamp in Barcelona Code School

Become a one-man mean machine capable of creating a game from scratch, team up with fellow students or join our game studio!

What is this bootcamp?

We prepared a Complete Game Development Bootcamp for those who are interested in the full cycle of game production.

During this course you will try on all the roles involved into a game development process, exactly how indie developers work, but of course the focus would be on the game developer position.

Through the course you will be game designer, story writer, artist, developer and producer all-in-one!

As the focus is on development, you will spend most of your time mastering C# and Unity engine. In the end you will have several 2D and 3D games finished and and we will help to create your portfolio to showcase them and provide job support!

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Course format

  • 360 hours of intensive in-person hands-on training
  • Zero to hero in 9 weeks
  • Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 18:00
  • Small groups of up to 6 students
  • The course is taught in English
  • Scholarships are available
  • Coding bootcamp teaching game development!
  • A graduate certificate
  • Job support

What you'll learn

Core skills

  • How to build 2D games
  • How to build 3D games
  • How to build multiplayer games
  • C# – the language of game development
  • Unity – one of the most powerful and used game engine and editor in the industry

Extra skills

  • Game design: how to make a game structured and engaging
  • Story design: rules and principles of storytelling
  • Game art: how to create, generate or find the art you need
  • Game genres and their specifics
  • Creating visuals for publishing
  • User Interface design: how to create UI of your game
  • User Experience (UX) for games: how to not confuse your players

The outcomes

  • Get hired as a game developer. We will take you to the job-ready level so you will be able to apply for a junior game developer positions in any game development studio. Only in Catalonia there are more than 150 of them.
  • Go indie. You will be able to start building your own games and publishing them.
  • Stay with us. Stay for the internship with us to work on the game prototypes which are if published will allow you to stay for a full-time paid job.

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Extra perks

All students get free access to the massive sounds and music library by Dynamedion's we♥️indies!

we love indies



720€ paid upon registration, the remaining is split in two payments due before the course begins.

6 students max per group. We want this to be efficient, not sink or swim experience for you!

Instalment payments are available at the checkout

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September 9 - November 8, 2024

Game Development in-person Bootcamp

Starts in d h m s

The group is filling up fast, reserve your seat now

Become a certified game developer in 9 weeks

9-week course, in-person, in English, full-time.

Registration prepayment 720€.

January 6 - March 7, 2025

Game Development in-person Bootcamp

Become a certified game developer in 9 weeks

9-week course, in-person, in English, full-time.

Registration prepayment 720€.

Why Barcelona Code School?

  • Cutting edge curriculum tailored to job market and companies’ needs
  • Instructors, who know how to teach
  • Fast track from beginner to job-ready coder
  • The best students/mentors ratio
  • Job support for the students
  • Life-time career support
  • Premium location – cozy campus in the downtown of Barcelona away from the touristic crowds

International students

You are welcome!

A lot of our students are coming from abroad. The course is in English so there is no language barrier. And if you will need help with visa we can send you an acceptance letter to attach to your visa application!


If you fall into one of these categories your tuition would be reduced by 500€

Students over 40: because we know it’s harder to commit to learning at a certain age and we are willing to help.

Women in tech: we're proud to say that 45% of our graduates are women, and we're committed to achieving full gender equality. This is especially significant given that less than 9% of women work in tech, according to StackOverflow's 2022 industry survey.

How to get a scholarship:

After signing up online you will get a student's form to fill out where you can select the applicable scholarship. Your final tuition quote would be calculated based on that and you will get links for making the remaining payments.


We can assist in getting a student loan which usually has lower rates than consumer loans.

To do so we can send you a proforma invoice for the selected course which you can attach to the student's loan application.

Please fill out this form.

Instalment payments are available at the checkout

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What computer would I need?

You will need a fastest laptop you can have with Unity installed. Your platform will determine how you will be able to build and distribute your game. On Windows you will be publishing for Android (Google Play). On Mac you can do both for iOS (AppStore) and Android (Google Play). You can also build for the desktop OS and web.

What is the language of this course?


Do I have to speak Spanish?

For the course you do not need Spanish. Everybody at our school speak English. To feel comfortable in Barcelona Spanish would help but nowadays in most of the places local people do speak English.

What qualification I will get from this course?

If completed successfully you will become a junior game developer. Meaning you will know how to build games and be able to apply for the junior developer's position.

Are there any accommodation options for the foreign students?

Make sure to check Uniplaces (use UP25BCS promo code to get 25% discount), Spotahome and Barcelona home.

What about cost of living in Barcelona, how much will I spend apart from the course tuition?

Barcelona, compared with other metropolitan European cities, is quite affordable or even cheap place to live. According to the latest survey, the average cost of living for students in Barcelona is around 1000 Euros per month.

Expect to spend 300-600€ to rent a room or 600-1000€ for the apartment, around 10€ for a lunch in a restaurant, 10€ for a public transport 10-ride pass.

How good would a typical graduate be after completing the course?

You will learn the skills to begin as a junior game developer, will know theory and practicalities of building a game have a solid foundation to improve your expertise.

Is there a pre-course?

Yes. If you never did anything related to programming and do not have a knowledge of any programming language we will send you the materials to study to come prepared! We estimate it to take around 40 hours if you start from absolute 0 level.

How does your price compare to other schools?

There are no many school offering game development bootcamps. It’s safe to say that our price is within lower competitive range. We strive to provide the personalized approach thanks to smaller group size and attract highly qualified instructors motivated to share their expertise with students. You will love it, we guarantee!

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