Barcelona Code School

HTML and CSS for non-developers

Building a responsive single page website with CSS Grid

What: Building a single page responsive website which looks great on any user device

Where: Barcelona Code School

When: April 30, 19:00

How: in English, you'll need a laptop, Google Chrome, Sublime Text or any other code editor

For: non-developers, beginners


We are going to walk through the process of building a responsive website from zero with HTML and CSS. The website will have a navigation menu on top, splash screen below and several sections like Location with Google Map, Image Gallery, About Us, Team section, Footer.

Approximate duration: 1,5 hours.

Concepts covered: Semantic HTML, Anchor links, CSS styling, CSS Selectors, CSS Grid, Media Queries.

Your Instructor

GK has been working as an instructor at Barcelona Code School and as a developer for the last several years focusing on light, modern and content-centered approach.


April 30, 19:00

CSS is Awesome

Building a responsive single page website with CSS Grid

Muntaner 262, 1-1, 08021, Barcelona, Spain

Cost: FREE

CSS is Awesome