Front-end web development crash course

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Front-end web development crash course

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  • Overview

  • This is an 80 hours in-person part-time course which teaches students the process of front-end development with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Git, GitHub and command line. As the final project students are going to build a modern dynamic web application with current best practices.

    What you will learn by the end of the course:
    • Programming fundamentals with JavaScript, which is the core technology used in the latest front-end frameworks like Angular, React, etc…
    • Using jQuery to manipulate the DOM
    • Browser-based development
    • Understanding object-oriented programming
    • Consuming data from external APIs and using it in your web application
    • Building responsive, mobile ready, modern and dynamic web applications with current design patterns

“From zero understanding, and repeating sometimes the same question, George was patient in getting me to understand the fundamentals. Via the class chat room, we also had immediate feedback. A really great teacher and I highly recommend his courses.”

— Nurjannah Omer

  • Environment set up

  • Installing Node, Git, Code Editor

    Introduction to the Terminal

    Installing Slack and connecting to the group’s channel

  • Google Chrome Dev Tools

  • Exploring the Dev Tools

    Running JavaScript in the console

    Understanding difference between server and client

    Exploring DOM in the Dev Tools

    Understanding principles of browser-based web development

  • Introduction to JavaScript

  • Working with variables

    Understanding data types in JavaScript

    Built-in methods of JavaScript

    Working with collections





  • Introduction to HTML and CSS

  • Structuring web pages with HTML5

    Semantic tags and how to use them properly

    Three ways of adding styles

    Version control with Git

    Adding responsiveness with CSS Flexbox

    CSS grid

    Project: static single page website

    Pushing to GitHub

    Hosting your website on GitHub with Github Pages

    Project: Static website with several pages navigation

  • jQuery and DOM manipulation

  • Understanding Document Object Model

    How jQuery works

    Forms and user input

    Events and listeners

    Manipulating objects in the DOM

    Project: todo app with animated draggable elements

    Deployment and hosting on Github

  • External APIs

  • Understanding asynchronous vs. synchronous

    Working with asynchronous APIs

    Working with callbacks

    Intro to AJAX

    Making API calls

    Consuming and working with API data

    Project: a simple, single-page application that consumes data from an open, third-party API

  • Final project

  • Production-ready front-end application
    • Responsive design
    • Custom-styled
    • jQuery enriched
    • Consuming data from external API
    • Best UI/UX practices
    • Deployment and hosting

  • “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.” – Jeff Atwood, founder of Stack Overflow

Upcoming starting dates ↓

4 weeks, 5 days per week, 10:00-14:00

mon4sep - 29sep 410:00 amsep 294-week front-end web development crash courseMonday to Friday, 10:00-14:0010:00 am - 2:00 pm (29) Event Type :Bootstrap,CSS,HTML5,JavaScript,jQueryEvent Type 2:2 or more days,Mornings,Part-time

4 weeks, 5 days per week, 15:00-19:00

mon18sep - 13octsep 183:00 pmoct 13Afternoons: 4-week front-end web development crash course / Sept 18Monday to Friday, 15:00-19:00(september 18) 3:00 pm - (october 13) 7:00 pm Event Type :Bootstrap,CSS,HTML5,JavaScript,jQueryEvent Type 2:2 or more days,Afternoons,Part-time