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  • Overview

  • A website is your online business card, the first thing your customers see if they are trying to get in touch. Doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, if you are just trying to start some new project or improve your online presence – you do need a website.

    And since currently 41% internet users are surfing from laptops and desktops, 54% are using mobile devices and 5% are using tablets you need to make sure that your website is responsive, i.e. looks and works same good on any of user devices.

    This weekend intensive course will give you a solid hands-on introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 applied to the goals of creating a modern and responsive websites. We are going to work on 2 projects: a single page website and multipage website.

  • What you will learn

    • Create responsive websites with navigation on the same page or several pages
    • Understand what responsiveness means and how to apply it
    • Using CSS native Flexbox layout mode to prepare your website for different user devices
    • Using Bootstrap for fast building responsive layout with grid
    • Use Chrome Dev Tools for browser-based web development
    • Have 2 finished responsive websites: a single page and a multipage
    • Publish them to GitHub and have a shareable link with GitHub Pages
  • Details

  • Weekends, 10:00-14:30

    In English

    You’ll need your laptop

“From zero understanding, and repeating sometimes the same question, George was patient in getting me to understand the fundamentals. Via the class chat room, we also had immediate feedback. A really great teacher and I highly recommend his courses.”

— Nurjannah

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