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In Barcelona Code School we help people to fulfil their dreams through learning coding. We have been teaching programming since 2015 and have graduated 84 students so far. Almost all of our classes are in English.

For adults:

  • JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp in Barcelona Code SchoolJavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp – turn yourself into a full-stack developer in 9 weeks of intensive full-time daily training. We teach up-to-date cutting edge tools so that upon graduation you will be ready to apply for a junior web developer position, start a freelancing career or build your own apps.
  • Wordpress courses in Barcelona Code SchoolWordPress workshops – if you need to learn how to build sophisticated websites fast and easy then WordPress is for you. This user-friendly content management system lets you create any type of website in couple of days, should it be an eCommerce, corporate, online store, blog, portfolio, real estate agency or any other kind of website.
  • Coding Workshops in Barcelona Code SchoolSingle day workshops or short courses on web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript to introduce students to these fundamental languages behind web and start your journey to become a developer or simply to give you essential knowledge which everybody involved into IT needs nowadays.

For kids:

BCS Young Coders programming classes for kids We host bilingual (English and Spanish) after-school classes throughout the year and summer coding camp. This classes has been developed to give kids a boost in STEM disciplines and stimulate their logical thinking and problem-solving approach.

Barcelona Code School and our students

Our team

  • George Kovalev Barcelona Code School
  • George Kovalev

    founder, instructor

    George is the founder and CEO of Barcelona Code School. After graduating from the university George has successfully founded and bootstrapped several companies in different areas, such as book publishing, web design and development, online magazines and, finally, educational start-up Barcelona Code School.

    He is a tech enthusiast and a long-time coder, built his first computer game when he was 10 y.o. with Basic and ZX Spectrum. George has been developing websites since 2008, focusing on minimal functional design.

    His experience in both entrepreneurship and coding gives a unique twist to the curriculum and teaching approach at Barcelona Code School.

    Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express, MongoDB, React, WordPress.

  • Antonello Sanna

    instructor, developer

    After graduating in the UK in Sound Engineering and Design, he taught himself JavaScript/Node and front-end web development and since then he never wanted to do anything else!

    He went on to attend an immersive web development bootcamp to consolidate and further his knowledge. Antonello is now helping other people to learn coding here at Barcelona Code School.

    Skills: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, React, Redux, React Native, Mobx, Meteor.js.

  • Carmen Martins Barcelona Code School
  • Carmen Neta

    marketing expert

    Carmen graduated in Marketing at the University of São Paulo and later studied Economics in London. She began her career working in the marketing department of large multinational companies such as CSN and DuPont and lead projects with Honda, General Motors and Volkswagen.

    As she always wanted to undertake, about 3 years ago she started her own business, an eCommerce of women’s accessories that this year will reach a revenue 100 times higher than the initial investment.

    While in Barcelona doing a postgraduate degree and an MBA, the entrepreneur is open to share her knowledge and best practices of the exciting field of Digital Marketing. She will host workshops about Marketing Plan, Social Media and Google Adwords.

  • Sebastian Marichal: robotics week at BCS Young Coders Summer Camp course
  • Sebastian Marichal


    I’m a computer science researcher with special interest in Human Computer Interaction. Currently I’m a PhD student and my main interest is to determine how physical interaction supports cognition in different contexts and through diverse interaction paradigms such as tangibles, mixed-reality and wearbles devices.

    I’ve been also working with children for my Bachelor thesis where I’ve developed a mixed-reality interface for children with cerebral palsy.

    I also enjoy DIY and taking part into creative projects. I’m always searching new projects and challenges in order to continue my personal and professional developing.

  • chris_barklem_barcelona_code_school
  • Christopher Barklem

    UI/UX expert, instructor

    Chris has worked as a designer and programmer for over 20 years. Helping startups and global corporate clients create successful and sustainable digital services. He has worked with the smallest of Barcelona’s startups to leading financial institutions such as BBVA, Barclays and ING.

    He continues to work with Barcelona startups and European clients both in product design, application development, teaching and process design consulting. He has been teaching UX design in Barcelona for over 5 years and is an evangelist for the Agile and Lean UX design movement.