JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp

JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp at Barcelona Code School


8 weeks

Monday to Friday

9:30 till 18:30

Take a fast track to the web development world

Cost: 6000€ / Paid upon inscription: 10%

The course is taught in English

Financing options are available

The Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp takes place over eight weeks in one of the world’s most spectacular cities and prepares you for a path to an interesting, high-paying job as a web developer. The bootcamp teaches an up-to-date JavaScript-focused curriculum to maximize the demand for your skills when you graduate. Namely, we teach MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node).

Daily schedule

Code review, Q&A, warm-up: Ask questions, solve coding challenges, prepare for the day, finish unfinished work from the previous day.
Lecture introducing a new topic: A lecture covering part of the curriculum from the BCS instructor with coding sessions and interaction with students to keep you engaged.
Exercises, practicing a new concept.
Lunch break: There are plenty of restaurants and cafes around the campus to have a lunch.
Code practice: exercise, projects, pair programming: Code you way through the day’s assignement and work on your course project. Your instructors wil be there to assist and guide you.
Tech talks / deliverables: enlightning talks form students or teachers and quick lectures for the actual deliverables.
Coding sessions with projects/exercises.


Barcelona has a unique combination of qualities that makes it the perfect place to learn how to code. There is a thriving tech scene, including multiple accelerators and a large community of startups. The city is famous for its mind-blowing architecture and delicious food.
  • Great weather: it's always warm and sunny
  • Amazing food: healthy mideterranean diet
  • Low cost of living: compared to other cities in Europe you will spend less during your stay here
  • Beach: where else can you got straigth to the beach after the classes and enjoy the sea and the sun
  • Transport: options include subway, buses, trams, bicycle sharing stations, walking
Barcelona Code Shool is located in the exclusive and safe tourist-free area with relaxed and quality lifestyle. Here you could fully enjoy Barcelona as locals do, not be distracted by noise and chaotic tourists movements and focus on learning. On top of that, you can find really active nightlife around or take a couple of stations to the historic center of Barcelona or the beach.


What makes a difference

Small groups: get more attention, one on one time with instructors, focus better Students driven approach: we adapt to the group and offer best solution for each student to get the most from the course Current curriculum: we use latest and most demanded tools and frameworks Support: we help students during and after the course with projects and job hunt Location: new cozy office with a terrace in the downtown of Barcelona


There’s a revolution happening in web development. The progression from cumbersome MVC frameworks like Ruby on Rails and AngularJS, to the modular Node.js runtime and functional ReactJS library, is making programming for the web more fun and productive than ever. Unfortunately, many coding bootcamps have failed to update their curriculum to prepare students for the future of web development. Barcelona Code School’s Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp teaches the skills with the highest and fastest-growing demand in the entry-level job market.


Barcelona Code School is dedicated to helping students succeed before, during and after the Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp. Before the bootcamp, workshops are available to help students learn some basics helping them to be better prepared for the program. Tuition assistance in the form of financing is also available. In addition to Lead Instructor the Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp team includes Teaching Assistants who ensure students get the individual attention they need to overcome obstacles and keep up with coursework. Evening and weekend activities give students the physical and mental breaks needed for optimal performance in the classroom. During the bootcamp you could be introduced to local recruiters and industry professionals to talk about interviewing skills and how to find a job after graduation. There are an incredible number of tech startups and established companies in need of full-stack developers in Barcelona. Upon graduation, Barcelona Code School offers an optional residency program to help students build on what they learned in the bootcamp while networking and interviewing for jobs.


Where are many ways to learn coding. The main three are self-teaching, college degree and coding bootcamp. Self-teaching works for some people who like to read documentation and are capable to understand how to apply this information to a project. Indeed it takes time and much effort with self discipline. The college degree is great. We believe it gives some indepth knowledge and in a slow pace you have plenty of time to understand a lot of theoretical knowledge and also practice some coding. The downturn of college CS degree is that it costs a lot and the curriculums are mainly outdated. So upon graduation you will have to study web dev by yourself. A coding bootcamp gives you a huge boost since it is so intensive and you practice immediately. Students cover the same volume of knowledge that they could learn in a year on their own. If you put all of your effort into it you will be on another level in 2 months. It is proved that you can ge to the entry level developer after the bootcamp. Of course you will be only progressing inside the selected stack. Good thing is that you will get the understanding of general logic and thinking in coding that will make it much easier to learn a new language or framework afterwards. If you would decide to look for a JavaScript developer job in Barcelona things are looking quite promising. With tech scene booming in BCN there is a strong need for JavaScript full-stack developers both in local startups and established companies. According to the average salary range for JavaScript developers in Barcelona startups is somewhere between 26000€ – 37000€ with maximum reaching 50000€.



Javascript is the world’s most popular programming language, and it’s easy to see why. It is used by apps and web browsers in billions of laptops and mobile devices, and is becoming the language of choice for server-side programming at leading online companies like Netflix.


JavaScript is taking over server-side development because of its ability to process multiple requests simultaneously. This enables huge performance gains without upgrading hardware.


Unlike languages such as Ruby and Python that only run on web servers, JavaScript is used both on servers and in web browsers and mobile apps. This lets developers focus on business logic and user experience, rather than the idiosyncrasies of multiple programming languages.


Learning coding is a long path with a lot of skills and experience obtained during long hours of working on your projects, debugging, trying and failing before succeeding. We believe that it’s not possible to train a developer in 8 weeks (or 12, or 16, or 20 for that matter). Since we accept students with zero experience what we do is try to give them the fundamental understanding of how web development works, introduce to the right tools and libraries and help them to get on track of improving and mastering their skills. We firmly believe, that without 4-10 months of developing experience it would be pretty hard to land a good paying job. One way to do it is to apply for the internship (for which there are many possibilities in Barcelona and outside it) and after that while gaining mastery grow inside chosen company. Another way to work for clients or non-profits implementing knowledge obtained during our bootcamp and with gained experience and impressive portfolio apply for your dream job. Some students might find it interesting to stay with us after the graduation and have an internship as an assistant instructors or work on some projects coming from our web dev lab. Where are many options really and we will try our best to help you to chose your path and succeed on it. Just please don’t believe the false promises, better believe in yourself and you’ll be fine. We are going to make sure of it!

Questions and Answers

What is the language of this course?


Do I have to speak Spanish?

For the course you do not need Spanish. Everybody at our school speak English. To feel comfortable in Barcelona Spanish would help but nowadays in most of the places local people do speak English.

Who is this course for?

Beginners. If you don't know how to code – this course is for you. If you know what Terminal is – even better. If you can explain difference between div and span or know what function is you will be doing just fine.

What if I already know how to code?

Amazing! For students who advance faster or have some prior experience we have more challenging track with hardcore exercises and job opportunities upon graduation.

What qualification I will get from this course?

If completed successfully you will become a junior full-stack developer. Meaning you will know how to build web apps and be able to apply for the entry developer's position.

Do you offer financing help?

Yes, we do. Contact us to get more info on that.

Are there any accommodation options for the foreign students?

We can recommend some third party resources like Uniplaces, Spotahome and BeRoomers beside Airbnb. As a rule of thumb the closer to our school the better the area is. Just send us couple of links of the properties you've chosen if you need our advice on that.

What about cost of living in Barcelona, how much will I spend apart from the course tuition?

Barcelona, compared with other metropolitan European cities, is quite affordable or even cheap place to live. According to the latest survey, the average cost of living for students in Barcelona is around 1000 Euros per month. Expect to spend 300-600€ to rent a room or 600-1000€ for the apartment, around 10€ for a lunch in a restaurant, 10€ for a public transport 10-ride pass.

How good would a typical graduate be after completing the course?

You will learn the skills to begin as a junior full-stack developer, will know how to build full functional web apps and have a solid foundation to improve your expertise.

Why your course is 8 weeks?

With smaller groups we have and student driven approach we cover all the material in this time. After testing our curriculum we have proven results that 8 weeks is the best length to make this dynamic, comprehensive and not overstretched so that students stay focused without getting exhausted by endless studies.

How does your price compare to other schools?

It’s safe to say that our price is within lower competitive range. We strive to provide the personalised approach thanks to smaller group size and attract highly qualified instructors motivated to share their expertise with students.

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mon21aug - 13octAll DayJavaScript Full-Stack BootcampBecome a JavaScript developer in 8 weeks(All Day) Event Type :CSS,Express,HTML5,JavaScript,jQuery,Node.js,reactEvent Type 2:All day,Bootcamp,JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp


mon23oct - 15decAll DayJavaScript Full-Stack BootcampBecome a JavaScript developer in 8 weeks(All Day) Event Type :CSS,Express,HTML5,JavaScript,jQuery,Node.js,reactEvent Type 2:All day,Bootcamp,JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp

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