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JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp

Learn how to build web apps in 8 weeks

The Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp takes place over eight weeks in one of the world’s most spectacular cities and prepares you for an interesting, high-paying job as a web developer. The bootcamp teaches an up-to-date JavaScript-focused curriculum to maximize the demand for your skills when you graduate. Extracurricular activities like stand-up paddleboarding, indoor rock climbing, yoga and beach parties will help you take full advantage of the amazing setting of Barcelona.

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BCS Young Coders After-School Classes

Coding courses for kids form 9 y.o.

This program is designed to introduce young students to the fundamentals of modern coding and to show how powerful and diverse coding could be.

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Short courses and workshops

When you face certain challenges we are ready to teach you a solution. No learning for the sake of learning. In Barcelona Code School we give you only knowledge that will help you to solve the real world problems. We can help you with the following:
  • Start or advance your career as a developer.
  • Build a website for your business or personal needs
  • Create an online store and start selling your products.
  • Get some new development skills for acquiring a prominent client.
  • Step up your game and learn new technologies to level up as a developer.
  • Don't hire a freelancer for a project but rather do the job yourself.
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Corporate training

Customised corporate training workshops and courses can help your employees to gain new skills, competences and knowledge which will help them to increase effectiveness of doing daily tasks or advance to some new level of responsibilities and abilities. We know how to use all the latest and most amazing tools and technologies and we can teach you!

Just let us know what areas you are interested in and we will create a unique custom workshop to address the challenges you are facing. We can host classes at yours or our facilities and chooses English or Spanish language.

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Banco Sabadell financing for JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp Barcelona Code School

Bank Sabadell

Bank Sabadell is our financing partner that provides financing for the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp students.


For affordable and reliable hosting we recommend Bluehost.

To find out more about their offers click here.

Barcelona Code School partners with Innoapps Challenge

InnoApps Challenge

European Young Innovators Forum, in partnership with Huawei, launched the 3rd edition of Inno Apps2016, an interesting competition for apps developers! This year the focus is in on the IoT (Internet of Things).

Learn more about InnoApps 2016:


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